I was 33 years old before I ever set a real financial goal. A crazy breakup and a few months of therapy really shook me to the core. What kind of life do I want to live and why? The answer… A life of freedom, so….

I started my journey to FIRE by 45 in January 2019:


  • Credit Score: 819

  • Retirement Savings: about $30,000

  • Credit cards: one $1,000 limit card (personal), one $500 limit card (business)

  • Annual salary for the last 5 years: ranged from around $45,000 - $75,000

  • Debt: $58,612 remaining on current mortgage



  • 33 year old SWF

  • Expat and world traveler →  midwestern nonprofit and higher education administration workaholic → self-employed digital marketing and nonprofit fundraising guru

  • Enneagram Type 7, 96% Extroverted ESTJ

  • Yoga, volleyball and jog-walking dabbler

  • Seltzer water + coffee drinker; indulger of dancing in the rain

  • full of shoulder-dancing and giggles