Life hacking my way to

[financial] Independence

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Stop waiting on a man or a perfect life plan before you start your financial future.

eff keeping up with the joneses and join me in strutting to FIRE by 45, Independent woman style!

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Why should you listen to me?

Because, I’m talking.

And, I was there, too. The weekly Target accidental $125 spent. The 12th pair of black yoga pants this year because they were on super sale. The bigger house with the 22% higher mortgage payment because of the better job. The celebrating the promotion with a new dress and a JCrew mini-shopping spree.

Well, I’m done. Done with lifestyle inflation. Done with cluttering up my own life with knick-knacky bullshit. And, I’m definitely done keeping up with The Joneses. Eff the Joneses.

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Thinking about

Life Hacking your way to early retirement?


Ladies, don’t just wait around for life to happen.

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